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Plug It Up: A Horror Movie Podcast About the Monstrous Feminine

Oct 31, 2023

Charlie and Zach join Caitlin to cover 2023's Piglady. We dedicate this episode to our good friend Sarah, who loves pigs. (We love you, Sarah!) Piglady is a monstrous femme figure, and... that's about all we can really say. Tune in to hear Zach make a case for the movie, while Charlie and Caitlin go hard on the critique.

Tangents include: murder pigs, guinea pigs, Peppa Pig, pork in general, bacon in particular, cryptid movies, pets, "deers," costumes, tortoises, the reptile expo, and "the people's eyebrow." Also, Charlie throws down a serious accusation: that Caitlin is NOT a "girls' girl." Tune in to Skin of a Killer Podcast to make a true determination.

Sweet with the skeet, brah!