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Plug It Up: A Horror Movie Podcast About the Monstrous Feminine

Dec 19, 2023

Colleen and Maddie join Caitlin to assign "big three" astrological placements to popular horror characters. Three queer, horror-obsesed women talking about astrology, boygenius, and doms/subs? Groundbreaking! But hey. It's FUN. We have a great time, and we make strong cases for our designations. Characters covered on this episode: Carrie White from Carrie, Nina from Black Swan, Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body, Thomasin from the Witch, Rose from Get Out, Jay from It Follows, Justine from Raw, Maxine from X, Dani from Midsommar, and Norman Bates from Psycho. We'll definitelydo another episode to cover more horror chracters.

Tangents include: famous bottoms of history, towers vs bunkers, utensils, senior yearbook photos, farm chores, mascots, Maddie's hoarded memes, and more!